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Messaging Strategy

Although Simple Mills currently shows success in its brand communication efforts, the messaging strategy focused on the confusion that comes with eating clean. By launching this mini-campaign, Simple Mills has the opportunity to reach a wider audience while still appealing to its current target audience. The primary target audience is motivated by their health and prioritizes this through eating habits. They understand proper nutrition and quality of life are correlated. Millennials, who have disposable income, and are the primary shopper for the household. They are always taking in information, enjoy problem-solving, and are receptive to new ideas, but are skeptical about advertising.


To increase advocacy for the brand. 


  • Three ads to provide one universal message: ingredients don’t have to be confusing.

  • Leverage a celebrity nutritionist, Mona Sharma, and celebrity health icon, Jennifer Lopez to communicate information backed by experts.


  • Programmatic Ad

  • Sponsored Blog Post

  • TikTok Business Ad

This project was done for my Messaging Strategy graduate course at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Messaging Strategy: Text
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